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Dunelm HQ Syston Leicestershire

Sustainability was high on the agenda when it came to designing the new offices, with a strong emphasis on creating an energy efficient building with low operating costs.

The heavy concrete cladding material and the exposed concrete floor and roof structures will create a thermal flywheel effect, smoothing out temperature variations during the day and cooling the building gradually overnight.

The all-glass office elevations ensure that the building is flooded with light whilst external electric venetian blinds are fitted to all south facing elevations to keep out glare and the hot summer sun.

In addition, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery combined with opening windows was chosen rather than expensive air conditioning; this provides energy savings whilst also ensuring excellent occupier comfort.

The building also has “solar stacks” like Victorian chimneys that draw hot air up and out of the building through the roof tops. Large flat roofs areas are available for future installation of photo voltaic panels to produce renewable energy.


  • Civil engineer design
  • Structural engineer for the new build
  • Detailing of associated highways, drainage and external works


Dunelm Mill


Bowmer & Kirkland Construction



Project Description

40,000 sq.ft headquarters, two-storey open plan office space.