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Feasibility and Design

BSP Consulting offers a full range of engineering services to clients at inception stage.

Following identification of a parcel of land for possible development experts at BSP Consulting can be engaged to gather and analyse information about the late to determine the feasibility of development. With the huge capital cost of acquiring land in the UK engaging our experienced and professional support can allow clients to negotiate a fair land value with landowners though identification of likely abnormal costs.

Our services include preliminary consideration of likely planning or regulatory issues with bringing the parcel forwards to planning and ultimately construction stage.

Crucially engineers at BSP Consulting are all actively engaged in live construction schemes on site, our teams have an eye on the construction of schemes right from the point of inception. This allows the advice and support given at early stages to be firmly focussed on providing a feasible scheme.

Our team would be happy to discuss in more detail the range of feasibility services that are available.

Feasibility and Design service projects