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BSP has completed numerous sewage treatment schemes in the water industry to meet changing regulations such as the revised Bathing Water Directive, necessitating new storm water tanks and pumping stations. BSP designs shafts up to and beyond 10 metres in diameter and approximately 20m deep as part of this work, together with steel tunnels to connect these shafts to existing operational pumping stations. Other water industry work comprises the design of 1200mm diameter tunnels as part of new water mains supply.

Other types of heavy civil engineering work completed by BSP involve work for airports, docks and major trunk roads. Airport work has involved designing 15m diameter shafts to store polluted water prior to being pumped away and on major trunk roads BSP has designed auger bore pits to assist with the widening of carriageways.

BSP also undertakes projects where large-scale earthworks are involved which require cut/fill exercises and detailed ground model information which is linked to GPS technology based ground moving equipment, allowing operators to pinpoint exactly where they are on site and the levels they need to achieve.


Heavy Engineering sector projects