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BSP has been involved in the delivery of award-winning extra care, specialist care and older persons living projects for over 15 years. Older people occupy nearly a third of all homes. Nearly two-thirds (60%) of the projected increase in the number of households from 2008 to 2033 will be occupied by someone aged 65 or over.

BSP understand that as people get older, their housing needs often change and some people need support to be able to continue living in their own homes. People of all ages can have various disabilities. This means homes need to be adapted to suit individual needs.

A new programme of work on housing with care was completed at the end of 2012, under the overall framework of ‘A Better Life’, with a particular focus on older people who have, or are developing, high support needs. BSP has also embraced the 16 design criteria, set out within the Lifetime Homes Standard to provide a model for building accessible and adaptable homes.

Using BIM we are able to deliver better buildings, more quickly and at a lower cost than the traditional building  process. Effective BIM implementation helps avoid future design alterations, reducing risk and time re-working the scheme. We have now established a REVIT drawing system which includes templates, standard details and  drawing protocols. Modelling is carried out to the level of detail required to produce accurate plans and elevations at the defined scale, and specifications as required. All data is produced and named, based on the AEC (UK) BIM protocols.


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