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SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) have been incorporated into numerous BSP Consulting projects around the country. The SuDS approach to water management is more sustainable than the conventional practice of routing run-off water through pipes to a watercourse as it seeks to mimic natural drainage processes that flows and improve water quality.


Well-designed SuDS can be more cost-effective, look better, encourage biodiversity and can create a drainage system that is easier to maintain. SuDS have been a key part of award-winning projects that BSP has been involved in, including Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre in Blackpool, which has no underground drainage as a result of SuDS, and is thought to be the first place in the country, and possibly the world, where a drainage system for a large development has been used as part of a children’s play space.

As we move towards full implementation of the Flood and Water Management Act, the adoption of SuDS by county councils will become the norm. BSP has been building links with the fledgling SuDS Approving Bodies (SABS) and is keen to develop a collaborative approach to the design and adoption of these surface water drainage features.

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