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BSP has a long association with heritage based projects, made possible by funding sources such as the European Regional Development Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund. The nature of this work is often very sensitive, requiring close liaison with national heritage bodies, local authorities, archaeology group trusts and societies and conservation officers, as well as other specialists and stakeholders to preserve the UK’s historic environment.

We understand that the requirement to develop whilst protecting our heritage, coupled with the need to make schemes viable, puts a unique pressure on our clients. From site assessment and building surveying to the temporary works management of historic buildings, we offer a comprehensive, integrated service tailored to individual requirements.

When working with historical buildings a conservation-led approach and culture needs to be adopted. The underlying history and heritage of the building is part of its value. Research into the structure, its use, its historical setting and development and records of the past repairs can help in determining future methods and techniques for repair, restoration and alteration. Often a building is the product of more than one period, and alterations made at one time are often described as being part of the history of the building. The importance of the initial investigation work and understanding of the building cannot be under estimated.


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