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Independent Living, Strelley, Nottingham

We are nearing completion of our Strelley site in Nottingham. 37 independent living apartments and a ground floor library on schedule for completion end of August.

The main building to the west of the site was designed as a steel framed transfer structure up to first floor level, providing the open spaces required for the library at ground floor. A lightweight two storey prefabricated timber frame structure was constructed over the library for the independent living spaces. To the east side of building the structure changes to primarily traditional load bearing masonry up to first floor level, with the timber frame structure continuing over up to the second floor. The building envelope is finished in a mixture of glazed panels, traditional and stack bonded masonry and rendered blockwork.


  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering


Nottingham City Homes


GEDA Construction


Halsall Lloyd Partnership

Project Description

This scheme comprises the construction of 37 independent living units including communal areas, library and all associated external works.


68 Weeks



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