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Harplands Hospital Refurbishment Staffordshire

BSP Consulting are involved in a refurbishment at Harplands Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent.

The Inpatient Reconfiguration Project for Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust.

The project has two principal streams of work. Workstream 1 focuses on the removal of multi-bed dormitories from the acute inpatient wards through the provision of new ensuite bedrooms throughout each of the four wards.

To enable this to happen, the Trust converted an administrative area of the building to form a ‘decant ward’ to enable each ward to be vacated in turn to allow the work to happen, whilst maintaining patients privacy, dignity and comfort.

Alongside this workstream 2 looks to create a new Learning Disabilities service within the main Harplands Hospital, this will be a new inpatient facility for patients with acquired or degenerative brain injuries.

The scheme includes a number of new extensions to the building and extension re-modelling and refurbishment of all parts of a Ward to form this new Service provision. In addition new external areas will be created to support the care provision.

The garden area has also been revamped.

Work onsite is being completed completed in phases will take two years to finalise.

BSP are both civil and structural engineer on the Harplands Hospital Refurbishment Staffordshire.

Key challenges and engineering solutions

BSP associate director Monika Anszperger said: “BSP Consulting has extensive experience of working in the healthcare sector and we are very pleased to have been appointed as the civil and structural engineer on this refurbishment at Harplands Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent.

“It is a live site, and clearly a sensitive site, and we feel proud to have been appointed to improve patient facilities at this hospital.”

Architect and lead consultant on the Inpatient Reconfiguration Project is Sheffield-based TAD Architects.

BSP’s work in the healthcare sector includes new builds, extensions and refurbishments.

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