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BSP Consulting’s expert witness service

January 21, 2020

Did you know that BSP offers an expert witness service in a number of disciplines and areas?

Director Carl Hilton is one member of the team who is currently working as an expert witness on cases, advising on many aspects of structural engineering.

Carl, who has been a Chartered Member of the Institute of Structural Engineers since 1996 and has extensive experience from over 30 years in the industry, has performed the expert role for eight years now and undertaken cases ranging from collapsed retaining walls, defective swimming pools, structural stability, defective slabs and subsidence as a result of flooding.

An expert witness is engaged to give an opinion based on experience, knowledge and expertise, and has a level of specialised knowledge or skill in a field that qualifies them to present their opinion about the facts of a case during legal or other adversarial proceedings. The overriding duty of an expert witness is to provide independent, impartial and unbiased evidence to the court or tribunal to help them reach a decision.

The role is a specialist and can involve attending court to express an opinion based on the foundation of technical facts and provide testimony under cross-examination.

If you’d like more details about the expert witness service offered by BSP Consulting, please get in touch.